The Adventures of One Eskimo is a 10 x 4min Video Music Album, which I was involved in directing 8 music videos for. One Eskimo came to Passion Pictures Having already made 2 music videos and wanted to make an album which would also tell the love story about One Eskimo and Little Feather, torn apart by Evil Mr. Top hat, One Eskimo goes on a journey to find his true love.

I was brought on to direct 8 music video’s at Passion, but also form a team of animators and produce the animation side of the production. I formed Notion Digital to employ the animators and designers, we were housed at Passion. First I worked closely with producers at Passion, One Eskimo and Warner Première to work out how we can create 8 music videos in 4 months. Then with a few story-boarders, created the animatics and directed the design. We had a tiered animation process; as more animatics were signed off then more animators were taken on, until we had 4 teams of 2 animators working on 4 films at once. As scenes were finished I would hop upstairs to the compositors who combined the Flash animation with the backgrounds and applied effects to give the scenes atmosphere. I also worked with the the editor and sound designers to make sure the visuals fitted well with the music. Below are some screen shots from the Album

Client: One Eskimo / Passion Pictures / Warner Premiere
Role: Director
Program: Flash / After Effects / Blender 3D