Here’s a little animation I’ve been working on to celebrate the Olymbox Games!

I had a play with Cinema 4D while I was at Eye-D Creative and found it was quite easy to use the modifiers and had an idea for a character, simple box with eyes. I applied a bend, stretch and twist modifiers and (with help from my dad!) came up with this idea only a week before the Olympics so had to work quickly thinking how a sport can be represented. I wanted to keep it simple so that the emphasis was on performance rather than the technical aspect of CGI. I incorporated the timing which I use when animating in Flash, breaking the function curves, and putting the character where I wanted! Really happy with the results, just need a little sound track to go with it. I have a few other ideas for this character, the adventures of Box continue….

Title: Olymbox Games “Opening Ceremony”
Client: Self Initiated
Program: Cinema 4D
Time: 1 week (early mornings and late evenings!)