“Hey Moshi” (1st Video) I directed through my company Notion Digital, worked with 2 main animators, 4 junior animators to duplicate dances and 2 compositors. Most of the designs were available from the Moshi game, but I had a few pieces designed by TBFH. I worked directly with Mind Candy and the advert was shown on Cartoon Network, channel 5 and ItV. It was also aired in the US and Australia.

“Moshi Theme Park” (2nd Video) was created at Eye-D Creative, I was animation director and worked with 2 other animators and a Cinema4D/Afx compositor to get the CGI elements moving and looking well so that it would mesh nicely with the 2d Flash animation. I storyboarded the whole advert first so that we had a good sense of the flow of shots. The little robot “Nipper” was all my animation and really enjoyed this one!

Client: Mind Candy / Eye-D Creative / Notion Digital
Program: Flash / Cinema 4D / After Effects
Role: Director / Animation Director
Time: 4-6 weeks each

Visit Site: http://www.moshimonsters.com