Iconicles is a 26 x 30 min series for Cbeebies, hosted by Gavin Stenhouse aka “Nat” a young explorer-inventor. I was involved from the pre-production, designing the characters, working with script writers and voice artists on the stories and developing the storyboards in London while in Wales a directed a team of 20+ Celaction riggers and animators (some via skype) and an editor. I also worked closely with the production team on the CGI and Live action, bringing the whole show together. Above is a trailer of the show and below my character designs.

Title: Iconicles
Client: BBC / Create Media Ventures
Role: Series 2D Animation Director
Producer: Alan Dewhurst
Program: Celaction 2D
Time: 1.5 years

Visit site: http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/iconicles/